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who we are

Chevron is one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies. We believe that a balanced energy framework requires energy supply that must be affordable, reliable, and ever cleaner.

The world never stops moving, growing, and evolving. It demands energy that evolves with it. At Chevron, we’re exploring multiple paths to the future while continuing to meet the complex energy needs of today. We are going to need all forms of energy. That is why we are growing our traditional oil and gas business. As an integrated energy company, we leverage value chain optimization to deliver affordable and reliable energy. We have capabilities across the Oil, Products and Gas value chains.

At the same time, we are lowering the carbon intensity of our operations, and growing new, lower-carbon businesses in renewable fuels, hydrogen, carbon capture, offsets, and other emerging technologies.

Chevron's predecessor first entered China in 1904, and later Chevron was one of the first foreign companies to re-enter China in 1979. We became a partner in one of China's first offshore oil production projects in the Pearl River Mouth basin of the South China Sea.

Delivering energy globally requires a network of trusted partners who share our values and our aspirations. The relationships we build today are the backbone of solutions we are pursuing for tomorrow.

Over the past 40 years, Chevron has worked closely with our industry partners to provide clean and reliable energy to fuel China’s growth. Chevron has expanded operations in China through various subsidiaries. The range of our businesses includes petroleum exploration and production, LNG supply, petrochemicals and additives, fuels and lubricants marketing. Today, Havoline is on the shelves of thousands of offline workshops we collaborate with, Techron is well recognized by Chinese consumers, especially on the e-commerce platforms and Delo is deeply rooted in the diesel engine oil industry as well.