Our subsidiary Chevron (China) Chemicals Co., Ltd., a legal entity incorporated in Ningbo, along with its sales offices in Beijing and Shanghai is coordinating the sale of Oronite lubricant additives, fuel additives and specialty chemicals to national and international oil companies as well as to local lubricants blenders. The company manages products for marine, automotive, industrial and specialty uses.

Oronite’s Singapore additive plant – the largest in the Asia-Pacific region – well positions us to meet the near-term growth in product demand expected in China. In addition, Oronite has built a lubricant additive blending and shipping facility in Ningbo, China which began operations in 2021. It has further strengthened our supply capabilities in the Chinese market. Oronite also continues to expand its customer technical support and field-testing capabilities in China at a technology support center (COT-C) in Shanghai. COT-C has a few focus areas: product development, product qualification and development, field tests, OEM collaboration, technical service, and customized training for customers. These are accomplished by professional teams in Shanghai and Beijing complemented with internationally accredited third-party labs in China and globally.