in the community

Earning the respect of the communities where we work is vital to our goal of being admired for our people, partnership and performance. Chevron supports educational, environmental, health and other social programs in China and provides grants for non-profit organizations that meet local needs.

improving education and training

Chevron supports programs that benefit underprivileged children and families. In Hong Kong, we partnered with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong to launch the Fuel Your School program between 2015 and 2020. This program provided additional learning resources for underprivileged children from primary and secondary schools.

Starting in 2021, we have launched a new program called Caltex Robot Engineering Lab. Each year, approximately 100 students from underprivileged families will learn from university students and professional tutors how to build and program robots. Students with the most outstanding performances may have the opportunity to join a team of university students and participate in open competitions.

In September 2023, Chevron and the China Foundation for Rural Development partnered to start a Chevron Education Assistance Program, “Light Up the Future”. The program is designed to provide educational assistance to children from less fortunate families within the trucking industry, allowing them to have improved access to education. Chevron has donated RMB 1.5 million to the program, which will benefit 500 children across various provinces.

community support

In 2020, Chevron donated RMB 2 million (about US$300,000) to support the COVID-19 relief efforts in China. The grant was used to purchase life-support machines for deployment to hospitals in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province to support patients in critical conditions.

protecting the environment

Serious water shortages affect people living in China’s arid western region. Chevron partnered with the China Women’s Development Foundation on a project that creates water cellars and provides drinking water for farmers. Over the past few years, Chevron’s donations have benefited more than 500 families in western China.

The Chuandongbei Project has established a dedicated community emergency response team to ensure the safety and protection of nearby communities.

Working closely with local government and communities, the project also has established muster points where people can gather during emergencies and has conducted safety awareness training sessions.

improving public health and safety

In response to the hazards that pedestrians, particularly children, face on rural roads, Chevron supported the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation in launching the comprehensive Walk Wise Program in Kaizhou District, Chongqing municipality, in 2011. From 2011–2020, the Walk Wise Program provided road safety education to nearly 159,000 students in 102 schools across Chongqing Municipality and Sichuan Province.
Started in 2013, Chevron Hong Kong holds an annual social investment program, Week of Caring, for our colleagues. During that week, employees will get to participate in various volunteering or social caring events such as clothing drive/donations, food preparation for the elderly and homeless, volunteering at animal shelters, and beach clean-up.

development programs

Chevron provides the local Chinese workforce with many learning and development opportunities. Courses cover subjects ranging from management and leadership training to communication skills and petroleum industry primers.

In 1985, Chevron began licensing our proprietary Vacuum Residue Desulfurization technology to Sinopec Qilu Petrochemicals in Shandong province. The technology is used to reduce sulfur content in fuel. We later licensed a hydroprocessing technology to Sinopec Qilu. Chevron’s hydroprocessing technology helps refiners improve the quality and increase the quantity of their base oil production.

awards and recognition

Between 2001 and 2024, the Hong Kong edition of Reader’s Digest presented Caltex with the Trusted Brand Award for 24 consecutive years.

Chevron is also recognized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, a group of 370 non-governmental organizations. Since 2003, Chevron has received the Caring Company Recognition more than 19 times for our efforts in caring for the community, our employees and the environment.

From 2011–2020, Chevron supported the comprehensive Walk Wise program.

In 2021, the company won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its support to protect vulnerable young road users in rural communities across Chongqing Municipality and Sichuan Province during the nine years.